Rick Ross Wants to Learn Martial Arts so He Can ‘smack the Shit’ out of a Black Belt

Rick Ross Wants to Learn Martial Arts so He Can smack out of a Black Belt

The successful rapper and businessman Rick Ross has lately spoken about his ambition to train in martial arts in order to “smack the crap” out of a black belt. Fans in the martial arts world have responded in different ways to the comment, which was made during a podcast interview.

Ross, who has cultivated a reputation as a strong man, recently vented his anger at a black belt he alleges humiliated him. In reaction, he declared that he would train in martial arts until he could physically compete with and beat the black belt.

Some have attacked Ross’s words as advocating violence and disdain towards the martial arts community, while others have praised him for his passion and eagerness to learn. The fundamental goal of martial arts, according to many practitioners, is not to incite violence but rather to foster self-discipline, self-control, and respect.

No matter what side of the debate you’re on, you can’t ignore the physical and mental advantages of martial arts training. Karate, Taekwondo, and Jiu-Jitsu are just a few of the many martial arts that may help you become stronger, more flexible, more balanced, and more coordinated. As a bonus, it has been shown to boost self-defense abilities, as well as practitioners’ sense of pride and empowerment.

Ross would be joining a lengthy list of famous people who have trained in martial arts if he chose to do so. There have been several famous actors who have integrated martial arts into their film roles, including Keanu Reeves and Scarlett Johansson. Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and Jackie Chan are well-known for their expertise in different types of martial arts.

Finally, it’s clear that Rick Ross’s interest in martial arts has garnered equal amounts of praise and criticism. The fundamental objective of martial arts is not to foster aggression, but rather a discipline, respect, and personal development, despite the fact that it may bring countless physical and mental advantages. The debate over Ross’s comments is likely to go on for some time, regardless of whether or not he decides to train in martial arts.

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