Nicki Minaj Seemingly Claps Back at Cardi B Fans’ Photoshop Claims

Nicki Minaj Seemingly Claps Back at Cardi B Fans' Photoshop Claims

According to recent reports, Nicki Minaj has allegedly responded to the Photoshop allegations made by Cardi B’s followers. When Cardi B posted a picture of herself on Instagram that some of her followers suspected had been manipulated, the Grammy-nominated rapper came under criticism from some of her supporters.

Nicki is seen in the shot wearing a bright ensemble that highlights her curvy figure and toned abdominals. Beam me up, Scotty!” ran the message underneath the photo. Several admirers, however, were quick to point out what they saw as obvious Photoshopping, saying that her waist seemed unrealistically thin.

A stranger to online controversy, Nicki Minaj has subsequently replied to the allegations in her own distinctive fashion. The rapper sent a series of tweets in which he said, “I’m never anyone’s problem. Making money and having experiences keep me too busy to care. This man’s a** isn’t as exquisite as my waist is.”

Next, she said, “I don’t feel comfortable promoting things like waist trainers, stomach tea, or other products meant to “flatten the stomach,” so you won’t see any of that here. I’ve always been on the little side, but if I ever need a helping hand, I simply give my doctor a holler. That’s why I’m called Barbie—they couldn’t think of anything else. #LongLiveTheQueen.”

The rapper’s statement has been met with mixed reviews from her devotees, with some praising her for standing up for herself and refusing to be drawn into controversy while others have accused her of shifting the conversation away from the original problem. Yet, Nicki seems to be undeterred by the backlash, as she is concentrating on her work despite the negative feedback.

Nicki Minaj has had a productive few years, with the release of chart-topping hits like “Chun-Li” and “Megatron” and the formation of fruitful musical partnerships with Ariana Grande and Lil Wayne, among others. The rapper’s personal life has also been in the spotlight, with the announcement of her 2019 marriage to Kenneth Petty and her 2020 pregnancy.

Nicki Minaj is still one of the most popular and successful female rappers of all time, despite her continuing feud with Cardi B’s followers. Nicki appears to have no plans of retiring anytime soon, what with her $100 million fortune and devoted fan base.

To sum up, Nicki Minaj has presumably responded to the charges of Photoshop made by Cardi B supporters, defending herself and her looks in a series of tweets. Although the scandal has caused some of her followers to distance themselves from her, Nicki appears unmoved and is instead concentrating on her music. Nicki is still one of the most popular and important female rappers of all time, despite the continuous scandal.


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