Logic Offers to Pay Fan’s Rent: ‘can’t Have You out Here on the Streets’

Logic Offers to Pay Fan's Rent: 'can't Have You out Here on the Streets'

The rapper Logic, whose songs are noted for their emotional depth and devotion to his listeners, recently made news for helping out a fan who was having financial difficulty. Jamar, a college student, was inspired to share his struggles with making ends meet and paying rent on social media.

Logic saw Jamar’s article and messaged him personally to offer to cover his rent for the next few months. The rapper said in a personal message, “Keep your chin up, man; I’ll be paying your rent for the next few months. We can’t have you roaming the streets at this time.”

Understandably astonished by the rapper’s kindness, Jamar was yet profoundly appreciative. As for his response, he said “I’m at a loss for words. How absurd. Whoa, that’s a huge help. What this means to me is something you cannot fathom.”

Fans and followers of Logic praised the rapper for his empathy and compassion after the discussion with Jamar went viral on social media. Logic’s long history of standing by his followers through tough times has been noted, and this recent gesture of kindness is seen as another evidence of his commitment to the local community.

In a following tweet, Logic attempted to deflect blame for his actions by writing, “Even though I don’t have a lot of money, I’m fortunate enough to be able to give to charity. Having the opportunity to aid a fellow human being in their hour of need is humbling.”

Logic’s kind gesture is a powerful example of how seemingly little acts of kindness may have far-reaching consequences. It’s crucial to remember the strength in numbers now more than ever, since many people are having a hard time on many fronts.

Logic, born Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, has had a significant impact on the music business and beyond with his socially conscious songs and advocacy for mental health awareness. Many are still moved by his generosity and thoughtfulness for his fans even if he resigned from music in 2020 to devote more time to other creative pursuits and his family.


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