Black Thought & Questlove Sued for ‘racketeering’ by Widow of Former Roots Member

Black Thought & Questlove Sued for 'racketeering' by Widow of Former Roots Member

Surprisingly, the widow of a former member of the Grammy-winning hip-hop duo The Roots has filed a lawsuit against Black Thought and Questlove for racketeering.

The case was brought in a federal court in Philadelphia by Leonard “Hub” Hubbard’s widow, Michelle McConnell, who claims that Black Thought and Questlove were involved in a pattern of racketeering operations that led to Hubbard’s untimely death in 2016.

The complaint claims that Black Thought and Questlove plotted to keep Hubbard from participating in the band and steal his earnings. According to the lawsuit, the defendants made it difficult for Hubbard to get employment in the music business in the future by using their influence.

In addition, the complaint claims that Black Thought and Questlove used racketeering tactics including extortion and fraud to accomplish their aims. It is claimed that by engaging in these practises, the defendants broke the federal law against “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations” (RICO).

McConnell’s lawyer released a statement calling the alleged behaviour of Black Thought and Questlove “unconscionable” and “inexcusable,” and demanding that justice be done.

The Philadelphia group The Roots first came together in the late 1980s, and their innovative fusion of hip-hop, jazz, and soul music propelled them to fame in the 1990s and 2000s. The trio is a multi-Grammy winner and is considered a groundbreaking force in hip-hop.

Hubbard was a pivotal component of The Roots’ original lineup and played bass guitar on many of their classic albums throughout his time with the band (1992-2007). In 2007, he departed the band, and in 2016, at age 62, he passed away.

Several members of the hip-hop community and fans of The Roots have been taken aback by the lawsuit and the charges made against Black Thought and Questlove. Both guys have earned a lot of respect as longtime advocates for hip-hop and social justice.

While neither Black Thought nor Questlove’s representatives have commented on the lawsuit as of yet, the matter is sure to get considerable media coverage in the coming weeks and months.


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