Bangladesh Inserts Himself into Hit-boy Vs. Hitmaka Debate: ‘i Invented a New Sound’

Bangladesh Inserts Himself into Hit-boy Vs. Hitmaka Debate

Disputes about who created a certain musical style or sound are nothing new in the music business. Bangladeshi producer Bangladesh has inserted himself into the argument, saying that he produced a new sound, amid the ongoing dispute between hit-making producers Hit-Boy and Hitmaka.

Bangladesh (born Shondrae Crawford) is a record producer who has worked with Lil Wayne, Beyoncé, and Rihanna, among many others. Bangladesh recently stated in an interview with The Shade Room that other producers like Hit-Boy and Hitmaka had stolen his sound.

Bangladesh said, “I came up with a new noise, and now everyone’s doing it.” “The noise is the result of two or more sources working together. It’s difficult to put into words, but once you hear it, you’ll never forget it. And I made that noise myself. Both Hit-Boy and Hitmaka have stolen it, yet none of them came up with the idea first.”

Bangladesh continued by saying he feels underappreciated and deserves greater recognition for his musical accomplishments.

I don’t think I receive the credit I deserve,” Bangladesh remarked. “I’ve been in this industry for quite some time and have collaborated with many famous musicians. Yet my influence on the music business is still not widely acknowledged.”

The music business has a long history of arguments about who first created certain sounds and genres. Fans and professionals alike are debating Bangladesh’s assertions, with some supporting his position and others casting doubt on his veracity.

There’s no disputing the fact that Bangladesh has had a major effect on the world of music, regardless of who exactly was responsible for the creation of any certain sound. His body of work as a producer is undeniable, and his impact on the evolution of hip-signature hop’s sound is undeniable as well.

Although the music industry may disagree with Bangladesh over whether or not he really established a new sound, there is no denying his influence on the style’s distinctive tone. No one can dispute the influence he has had on the contemporary hip-hop sound and the music business at large. The question of whether he deserves greater recognition for his achievements is moot.


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