6ix9ine Resurfaces in Cuba Following Brutal Gym Beating

6ix9ine Resurfaces in Cuba Following Brutal Gym Beating

The controversial rapper 6ix9ine is back in the news after he was brutally beaten in a New York City gym and mysteriously reappears in Cuba.

Two guys allegedly assaulted the rapper, whose actual name is Daniel Hernandez, inside a gym on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Witnesses said the guys attacked him with metal clubs before running away before the cops could arrive. After receiving therapy, Hernandez was discharged from the hospital.

Several of 6ix9ine’s followers swiftly took to social media to voice their fear for the rapper’s life after hearing the news of the assault. Others, however, were quick to attack the rapper for his history, which includes many brushes with the law and a high-profile trial in which he testified against former gang members.

Hernandez, seemingly unaffected by the incident, has reemerged in Cuba and begun sharing images and videos of himself online. The rapper can be seen in one video clip grooving to the music while strolling around the streets of Havana.

Concerns have been voiced for the rapper’s well-being after reports of his surprise entrance into Cuba. For many years, Cuba has been a safe haven for anyone seeking refuge from oppression, including political dissidents.

Some of Hernandez’s followers believe he is utilizing his time in Cuba to work on new songs, while others believe he is using the country as a staging ground for his conflict with other rappers and hip-hop artists.

Hernandez’s music has been met with criticism, although his appeal among listeners remains undented. His first studio album, “Dummy Boy,” was released in November 2018 and peaked at #2 on the US Billboard 200 list. He has worked with a wide variety of different hip-hop artists.


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Despite his achievements, he has been plagued by legal issues, such as racketeering, gun violations, and drug trafficking allegations. He was a member of the group the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, and in 2019 he pleaded guilty to various offenses and pledged to assist investigators.

Hernandez has continued to seek controversy ever since his 2020 release from jail, posting photos and videos of his lavish lifestyle and engaging in public feuds with other rappers. His career has been full of unexpected turns, and his recent relocation to Cuba is only the most recent one.

What Hernandez will do next is a mystery, but one thing is certain: the rapper is not disappearing any time soon. Despite his difficulties, he has maintained his place as a cultural icon and a leader in the hip-hop community.


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