50 Cent Trolled by Girlfriend over ‘dead Serious’ Instagram Comment: ‘look at His Face’

50 Cent Trolled by Girlfriend over 'dead Serious' Instagram Comment: 'look at His Face'

50 Cent’s gf ridiculed him after he commented “dead serious” on one of her Instagram images, according to recent reports. A partner’s humorous dig at the rapper, who is renowned for making bold and often divisive statements online, backfired.

50 Cent’s girlfriend Jamira Haines started the whole thing when she uploaded a selfie of herself on Instagram with the statement “I’m feeling myself today.” 50 Cent said, “oh you feeling good, that’s why you have me waiting,” indicating that he was pleased with the shot.

However, 50 Cent’s remark didn’t land the way he wanted it to, since Jamira Haines immediately fired back with some playful ribbing of her own. Look at his face tho, she captioned the image of 50 Cent’s reply on her Instagram story.

Fans and followers of both 50 Cent and Jamira Haines weighed in on the humorous interaction, which instantly went viral. The couple’s fun banter was applauded by many, but others said 50 Cent was being too serious with his observation.

50 Cent and Jamira Haines seem to be continuing their great relationship despite some lighthearted tension between them. The rapper, who has been in more than his share of public romances, seems to have discovered true love with his latest flame.

50 Cent has been in the spotlight as a producer and actor in recent years, thanks to his efforts on programs like “Power” and “For Life.” The rapper has also been releasing new songs; his next album, “Street King Immortal,” is titled similarly.

As 50 Cent commented “dead serious” on one of Jamira Haines’ Instagram images, he was the target of a humorous attack from his girlfriend. The marriage seems to be continuing strong despite the lighthearted tension, as 50 Cent’s career as a musician and actor continues to flourish.


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